Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PZ Myers: A Special think/rant Podcast Guest

On Thursday 30th June at 8PM GMT we'll be speaking to PZ Myers on the podcast (as long as his schedule doesn't change).

This is great news because Trevor and I are big fans of his work/shenanigans and we're sure our listeners will be excited to hear what he has to say on a large number of topics we'll be discussing.

This does raise some concerns about the live stream; I'm expecting a large number of connections and I'm worried about server bandwidth. The P2P Radio application we use should, in theory, support unlimited connections with no impact on us. However if, at any point during the podcast, I suspect that it is impacting our conference call somehow then I will pull the plug on the stream and you'll just have to listen to it on iTunes like everybody else. Everything will probably work out fine, but I'm just apologising in advance. If you do listen live then you can actually help us out by increasing the bandwidth P2P Radio uses for sharing, thus letting more people listen without using up ours.

We've got a bunch of pressing questions for him, but feel free to suggest some more by commenting here or tweeting us @thinkrant and if they're any good we might use some of them.

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