Thursday, June 2, 2011

Episode 33 - Dogmatic Dawkins

I knew the episode title would get your attention! But it's not simply a stunt because we do actually discuss Dawkins and dogmatism.

This episode is all about religion. Trevor wanted to give it the title "Shadowboxing: Two atheists take on God ...who they don't believe in ... so it's 2 against 0. Apart from when Trev's blood sugar has a wibble then it's 1 1/2 against 0. Who will win the piece of Dawkins toast?" I liked his title a lot, but its verboseness combined with the fact I let him win Guess The Year by default was too much for iTunes to bear.

Anyway, we discuss a range of topics: the harm of moderate religion, the after-life, sophisticated theology, denial of objective truth and solipsism, dogmatic and militant atheism, mocking religion, miracles, whether skeptics can also be believers and a lot of other stuff in between.

Download it now! It comes with an extra 15 minutes of bonus material, just so you get more value for money.

Trevor also mentions a very funny and true cartoon: If God Were A Car.

Thanks to Chris 'Mitch' Mitchell for the awesome Dawkins Toast image

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