Friday, September 9, 2011

Episode 47 - Psychopath Babies

Holy crap, we discuss loads of weird stuff this week. Steven's off partying in Ireland, which leaves John and Trev to entertain you for over an hour. We start off with our usual type of news stories: Torchwood, Jesus phone ad ban, TV cameras in courts, media biasing of public opinion, evangelising in nightclubs, gay blood donation ban, BBC Horizon and we get all lovey over The Atheist Experience TV show.

You can now download it here.


  1. "0" Comments?

    I'm very appreciative of your 'cast, and so, consider this a fan letter. I posted a review in the US iTunes store recently.

    Please keep up your podcast. I admire your energy and dedication. I listen to many skeptic/atheist (yes, I know, one of you is a Theist)podcasts, and yours is is easily one of the best. I can't imagine why there is no traffic on your Blogspot page.

    Fuck them all. I'm still listening!

    -Charles in San Diego, just south of Hollywood.

  2. Charles,

    Thanks very much for your kind message. We’re glad you like the podcast and we’re working hard to improve it and keep it fresh. All feedback is welcome.

    Thanks for the feedback on iTunes. By leaving a positive review you’re helping us reach a wider audience and hopefully we won’t have many more “0 comments” on our blog.