Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knuckle Dragging Barbarians Want To Reinstate Capital Punishment

Just when my opinion of the UK population could not get any lower, it appears that there now exists a petition for the reinstatement of the death penalty which has attracted over 100,000 signatures. This tells me that at least 0.16% of the UK population are knuckle-dragging barbarians, but luckily for us they're in the minority. These are probably the same people that got their news from the News of The World.

I'm sure this will be another topic for discussion on tonight's podcast, but I suggest you also stay up to watch tonight's Newsnight (or set your recorder) so you can see who comes out of the woodwork to back the idea of a return to the bronze-age. If they manage to drag Peter Hitchens from under the bridge he trolls then it'll be worth watching, although the missus won't be happy with having to clean all the spit off the telly in the morning.

In the meantime you can go and sign the counter petition (thanks to Ian Scott for bringing that to my attention).


  1. Sounds like a really interesting episode! But where is it? I mean seriously guys, last time you didn't upload episodes to iTunes for two weeks! And you Steven, just wandering off to god knows where. You guys really need to pull your shit together if you want to keep this job!

    Anyway, love the show, found you through PZM and than listened to all previous episodes and loved them! Great to have Steven back!


  2. Welcome to the fold.

    We had some internet connection issues during recording. I'm also still waiting on audio to be edited, so episode 42 may end up being folded into other episodes.