Thursday, May 19, 2011

Episode 31 - Falling Off The Moral High Ground

This week's podcast is now available to download.

We go out of our way to discuss lots of stories this week: sex crimes, Ken Clarke, Nadine Dorries, an eye for an eye, Steven Hawking (philosophy and heaven), more catholic stories from Trevor and some more!

Technology has also brought us a better quality audio, so we hope you enjoy the podcast more!


  1. Ok. This is getting weird. Last week in the "Labels" Rhys Morgan was between "rapture" and "Sex Crimes". Oddly fitting for a 16 yr old boy. Now he's between "Rape Apology" and "Ryan Giggs". That's just wrong.

  2. Rhys' position in the tag list is due to alphabetical ordering. Determinism at work my friend!